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1500 ton hot forging press Ship to Armenia

 From day to night…hot sale machine(hot forging press)40 FT, 40OT, 40HQ ,1500 ton hot forging press shipping to Armenia 

     Our company has more and more successful experience in forging presses, which also allows us to have more forging press customers. The tonnages of the forging presses we often sell are:300 ton forging press, 500 ton forging press, 650 ton forging press, 800 ton forging press, 1000 ton forging press, 1500 ton forging press, 2000 ton forging press, and then we will also Do 2500 ton forging press, 3000 ton forging press, 5000 ton forging press.

    If you have a demand for hydraulic press, please contact WhatsApp: +8613925853679

Dongguan Yihui Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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