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YIHUI Four-column hydraulic press

Four-column hydraulic press Energy saving and environmental protection

1.Environmental protection and energy saving is one of the themes of the current era. All walks of life are advocating environmental protection, and of course the hydraulic industry is no exception. The four-column hydraulic press occupies a very important position in the hydraulic industry, and its use is also very common, and its energy consumption is relatively high. Therefore, it is the focus of current development to find ways to save energy and protect the environment. Nowadays, our country is constantly advocating energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials, which puts a certain pressure on our environment.

2.Increase the installed power of the four-column hydraulic equipment and increase the energy loss in the mission. In the hydraulic system, the overflow and throttling should be increased as much as possible, and the hydraulic system should be designed reasonably. For example, a hydraulic machine that relies on an overflow valve to overflow and maintain pressure can consume twice as much power as a hydraulic machine that closes the pump to maintain pressure. The system of loading speed is up to twice as much power as the fast cylinder system.

Advantages of four-column hydraulic press

1.The production and processing precision is relatively high

2.Very good security and stability
                                                                 YIHUI Four-column hydraulic press

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