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Servo press machine

      What is a servo press?

    The servo press is a servo press-fitting system, which is used to produce different connectors through processes such as press-fitting, caulking, riveting, stamping, and embossing. Servo presses are widely used in automatic production plants and manually controlled workplaces. Servo press systems are usually used in production applications in the automation industry, such as the installation of engines and transmission systems in the field of new energy vehicles (NEV), steering systems, chassis, brakes, fuel injection pumps, airbags, and electric motors for wipers and other components. In addition, medical products, electronics and household appliances industries, and power tool manufacturing industries are also important application areas for servo press systems.

    A servo press system (such as a servo press) usually consists of a press module (also called a "press spindle"), a servo amplifier and a force displacement evaluation unit. At the same time, it is equipped with a process monitoring system for process quality monitoring. Based on the data provided by the force and displacement sensors, the system evaluates and records the force displacement (XY curve) generated during the press-fitting and assembly process.

   Servo press or servo press system:

With better energy balance, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% compared with other technologies, and make a valuable contribution to climate protection. * Through the process monitoring function in the production process, improve and ensure product quality, reduce waste rate and operating costs, Improve factory production efficiency

  Which industries does the servo press/servo press system apply to?

Automobile and parts industry

Medical Products Industry

electronics industry

Home appliance industry

electrical tools
Servo press

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