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Forging pocess

              In recent years, our company’s most frequently sold machines are forging presses, including 1500 ton hot forging machines, 1,000 ton hot forging machines and 800 ton cold forging machines. Our company has very mature experience in the forging process.

              The forging process performed above the metal recrystallization temperature is called hot forging. Hot forging is also called hot die forging. The deformed metal flows violently during forging, and the contact time between the forging and the mold is long. Therefore, mold materials are required to have high thermal stability, high temperature strength and hardness, impact toughness, thermal fatigue resistance and wear resistance, and easy processing. Hot forging dies with lighter working load can be made of low alloy steelForging pocess
        Cold forging is a process of forging parts at room temperature below recrystallization temperature.This process ensures higher accurate dimensions of finished products than the hot

 forging process.Manufacturers may prefer cold over hot forging process; since cold forged parts require very little or no finishing work. Since all bars are annealed before being forged, there

 is no need for a secondary heat treatment prior to machining. Another significant advantage is the material savings achieved through near net shapes. The initial weight of the workpiece

 equals the final weight of the cold forged component.  Cold forged parts offer a good level of attainable dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality.

Forging pocess

       Whether it is hot forging or cold forging, we can provide the entire line of equipment to solve problems for customers. If you have any needs or questions in this regard, please contact

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