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What Type of Press is Best for You

What Type of Press is Best for You

    When a customer wants to produce a product, use a hydraulic press. First, he must determine the appropriate type of hydraulic press, whether it is a four-

post hydraulic press or a sliding hydraulic press. Second, determine how many tons of hydraulic press is required. Finally, determine the mold.

  Pen-gap presses provide easy access from three sides. 4-column presses ensure even pressure distribution. Straight-side presses offer the rigidity required for 

off-center loading in progressive die applications. One important thing to keep in mind: The more critical the work and the more demanding the tolerances, the

greater the reserve tonnage capacity should be.

       Once the basics are determined, the next thing to consider is options. Most hydraulic press builders offer a wide array of accessories. These commonly include: 

Distance reversal limit switches

Pressure reversal hydraulic switches

Automatic (continuous) cycling

Dwell timers

Sliding bolsters and rotary index tables

Die cushions

Ejection cylinders or knockouts

Electronic light curtains and other devices

Touch screen controls

Servo system feedback for precise, consistent, repeatable stroke control

Then you need to determine what type of quality you need to get the job done. Quality can vary greatly from press to press. There are light-duty presses that are

capable of "spanking" the work momentarily and reversing, and there are heavy-duty machines designed for general purpose metalworking applications.

A few construction points can be used to compare one machine with another:

Frame: Look at frame construction-rigidity, bolster thickness, dimensional capacity, and other factors.

Cylinder: What diameter is it? How is it constructed? Who makes it? How serviceable is it?

Maximum system pressure: At what psi does the press develop full tonnage? The most common range for industrial presses is 1000 to 3000 psi.

Horsepower: The duration, length, and speed of the pressing stroke determines the horsepower required. Compare horsepower ratings.

Speed: Determine the speed each hydraulic press offers.

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What Type of Press is Best for You

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