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Servo press machine

Servo press machine

    Product Description

   Servo press machine is electric-driven environmentally friendly servo press machine ideal for precision assembly and press fit, such as precision assembly

automotive parts, press fitting precision electric connector. Our standard servo press machine is compact designed either in a C frame or bench top type

machine structure. This electric servo press machine runs more quietly and cleanly than the conventional hydraulic press and pneumatic press.     

    At the same time, electric servo press is 75~80% power consumption reduced. With integrate load and position transducers, and wide selection of press

modes of “Fixed speed/setting position stop”, “Fixed speed/setting load stop”, “Fixed

speed/pressing distance stop”, and accuracy ranges in 0.01 mm (0.0004 inch), servo press machine offers a very high level of flexibility for our customers to fit

their precision assembly requirements. Our servo press offers our clients a precision true closed-loop control of distance and force, along with quality data

processing and comparing for real-time quality evaluation. This makes it possible to clone the sample data conditions and duplicate for mass ongoing

production and makes complex assembly work simpler.

      Each servo press machine offers a 7 or 13 inches comprehensive HMI to freely input, revise, store and load all parameters such as force, position, distance,

and speed. The servo press also comes with a USB interface for downloading or uploading formulations.

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Servo press machine

Servo press machine

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