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【YIHUI】Which industries are hydraulic presses mainly used in?

Which industries are hydraulic presses mainly used in?

   Hydraulic presses are used in a wide range and are used in many industries,Hydraulic presses are widely used in: electronics, computers, home appliances,

hardware, stationery, locks, sports equipment, bicycles, plastics, furniture, automobiles and other industries.

Car Part Manufacturing

Auto manufacturers have many uses for the hydraulic press. The main use is in the manufacture of car parts. They can use hydraulic presses to manufacture

large parts such as body panels and brake pads as well as smaller parts such a clutches and even more complex auto parts. What's more, the manufacturers can

use them to assemble the parts for automobiles, too.

Parts Manufacture

The auto industry aren't the only ones who find hydraulic presses useful. For instance, manufacturers can use the press to shape panels for washing machines,

microwaves, and dishwashers. As with car making, they also use the hydraulic press to assemble parts, such as thermostat casings, light switches, and appliance


Car Crushing

At the other end of a car's life is the crusher. Indeed, the heart of the car crushing system is a hydraulic press, which makes sense considering how much force

the master piston can produce. With the car crusher machine, the hydraulic press lowers the plate at a steady rate to provide an even compression, which makes

the storage and transfer of car remains much easier.

Ceramic Making

Hydraulic presses are useful at the manufacturing end of cement, too. In fact, manufactures can replace the traditional heat kilns with the operation of a

hydraulic press at room temperature. They apply the low pressure needed to compress ceramics into their target form. In less time than is needed with kiln

firing they can produce cement, bricks, bathroom tiles, and related products.

【YIHUI】Which industries are hydraulic presses mainly used in?

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5. We have received CE, ISO, SGS certificates.

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