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【YIHUI】How to classify hydraulic presses?

How to classify hydraulic presses?

      For hydraulic press, a common and commonly used machine and equipment, which is also the main product of Yihui website, what else should we continue

to learn? This is also what everyone cares about, so next, I will explain some specific content in response to this issue, so that everyone can continue to learn, so

as tomaster more knowledge content, so that they can benefit a lot.

【YIHUI】How to classify hydraulic presses?

    Hydraulic presses can be divided into two types if they are classified according to the force. They are vertical hydraulic presses and horizontal hydraulic

presses. Among them, vertical hydraulic presses are mostly used, while hydraulic presses used for extrusion are mostly horizontal. If it is divided according to

the structure type, it can be divided into double-column, four-column, eight-column, welded frame and multi-layer steel tape winding frame. Among them,

small and medium-sized vertical hydraulic presses can also use C-frame type. The advantage of this structure is that it is very convenient to operate, but its

rigidity is relatively poor.

    Generally in hydraulic presses, hydroforming technology is used, because compared with traditional stamping technology, it has great advantages in reducing

weight, reducing the number of parts and molds, improving machine rigidity and strength, and reducing production costs. The improvement and enhancement

of the, so its economic performance is more obvious, so its use is more extensive, especially in some industrial fields, such as the automotive industry.

【YIHUI】How to classify hydraulic presses?
       Yihui’s hot-selling hydraulic presses include:C frame hydraulic press  , cold forging hydraulic press ,   hot forging hydraulic press,  Powder compacting

hydraulic press,  Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press,  Heat hydraulic press , Fine Blanking hydraulic press,  single action hydraulic press.Each hydraulic press has a

different tonnage, the smallest is 5 tons, and the largest can be 2000ton. The tonnages we often sell are 50ton, 60ton, 100ton, 150ton, 200ton, 250ton, 300ton,

400ton, 500ton, 650ton, 800ton, 1000ton, 1500ton, etc.

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