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【YIHUI】What are the components and working principles of a hydraulic press?

    The hydraulic press is composed of the control mechanism dao and the main engine. The power mechanism bai is composed of an oil

tank, a high-pressure pump, a low-du pressure control system, an electric zhi machine, a high-pressure valve dao, and a directional valve.

The power mechanism realizes the conversion, adjustment and delivery of energy through pumps, cylinders and various hydraulic valves

under the control of electric devices, completing the cycle of various public welfare actions. The host part includes the fuselage, main

cylinder, ejector cylinder and flushing device, etc.

【YIHUI】What are the components and working principles of a hydraulic press?

     The hydraulic press is a series of universal pressing equipment, such as powder product forming, cold (hot) extrusion metal forming, sheet

extension and stamping, bending, flanging and other processes. The hydraulic machine has an electrical system with an independent power

mechanism. It adopts button centralized control, which can realize adjustment. There are three working modes: manual and semi-automatic.

The working pressure, pressing speed and slider stroke of the hydraulic machine can be adjusted according to process requirements and can

be completed. There are three types of ejection process, ejection process without ejection process, and stretching process. Each process has

two process actions of constant pressure and constant stroke for selection. The constant pressure forming process has pressure holding,

delay and automatic return after pressing. In addition to the above-mentioned functions of the hydraulic press, the ejection cylinder also has

ejection, delay, and automatic return.

【YIHUI】What are the components and working principles of a hydraulic press?

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